Like most men, I prefer a ‘less is more’ approach to personal grooming. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like to look and feel my best whenever I can. But I’m not keen on the idea of spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out which product to use, where and when to use it, and how many weeks I have to wait before I start to see ‘results’. 

Over the years, I tried it all: cheap, generic cleansers made for all faces and all ages, boutique products with big promises (and even bigger price tags) and, regretfully, the ‘she’ll be right’ approach (aka: total and utter neglect). 

Coming from a family of skincare connoisseurs and formulators, I knew I wanted to take care of my skin and facial hair (largely because I knew I needed to in order to look and feel my best), but there didn’t seem to be anything out there which could do that in a simple, clean and effective way. On the other hand, the personal grooming and beauty market always seemed to be overflowing with options for women. 

Eventually, I got tired of browsing for good quality skincare which isn’t padded with diluents and chemicals. So, with my brother by my side, we set out to create our own range. 

Rhone was born from our desire to help men embrace skin and beard care as part of their daily grooming routine. We know the importance of tending to your skin, and we’re proud to pioneer change in the way other men see their morning and evening regime. Our range of naturally derived, high performing products are easy, fast and clean. And best of all: they work quickly! 

This is what happens when you uncomplicate daily grooming and simply focus on the stuff that works best. 

Welcome to the new wave.